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All of your files are encrypted to ensure security
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Access to 24/7 support to help with any problems and issues
Access to extensions that empower your cloud
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Our prices are more affordable in compairson to many of our competitors

Why does StashPort use Nextcloud?

Through Nextcloud, StashPort is able to offer encryption via AES-256, meaning all of you sensitive data is secured. Using Nextcloud modules, StashPort is able to offer other means of previewing, editing and creating files. With a built-in audio player, forum creator, photo section, sharing files and folders and more; StashPort is your home for all means of storage on the cloud.

How Does Nextcloud Benefit Me?

Nextcloud provides a stable base that you can rely on as well as countless add-ons that help with productivity and the ease-of-use of StashPort. Nextcloud also provides client with the access to mobile clients and desktop clients to store files offline, sync folders, share files and much, much more.

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With features such as synced folders, forum creator, file and folder sharing and much more, StashPort is able to turn your cloud into a home. For more information or to contact us, please contact us at

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